Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Rapid Transformational Therapy®

can deliver rapid and extraordinary change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain by re-framing harmful core beliefs and emotions patterns that are buried in the subconscious. By rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways, RTT® replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative behaviour patterns. New life-affirming beliefs are formed, and the transformation process begins.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy by Coherent Mind Hypnotherapy

The RTT experience Christine created for me was a game changer in my life. Her innate ability to help me uncover some core memories that were negatively impacting my life were crucial in my healing journey. I was able to let go of some of the subconscious thoughts and irrational beliefs that had shaped me as a person and that were no longer serving me. She provided me the opportunity to dispel the negative impact these parts play in my life today. After our session she provided me with an audio recording that I can use for the rest of my life! I turn to it not only of times in need but when I feel centered and fulfilled. It freed me of these long sinuous areas of my psyche that I’ve spent years of therapy looking at. This was a transformational experience and unlike any other modality I have tried up until this point. I’m so grateful for having had the chance to work with her!

Danielle Ford O’Brian

Christine is an impeccable therapist and when you sit with her you’re instantly calmed and know you are in good hands. She has a way about her that is comforting and intuitive, knowing what it is that you are needing for healing. I instantly felt understood and easily and effortlessly was guided into hypnosis which was a more relaxed state than I have ever experienced. Christine was able to use her intuition to help probe my inner knowing of the deep roots of my problem and helped me see clearly what the problem really was. She was able to help me work through that and then created the most amazing personalized tape that I looked forward to listening to every day for 21 days. My issue was eradicated and I can truly say that Christine was an amazing guide in my transformational journey and I urge anyone who wants to finally heal from whatever they are struggling with then you cant be in any better hands than Christine.

Julie Hawkes

Christine is a fantastic RTT practitioner. From only one session with her, I have noticed obvious changes in my thinking and my old patterns of behavior. We did a session for anxiety and I could actually physically feel the anxiety being banished away from my body while in a state of hypnosis. I learned so much from revisiting traumatic events that shaped how my anxiety shows up. It was so potent to go into those memories and collect my younger self and bring her home with me. I always felt so safe and protected while in hypnosis with Q. She is judgment free and a pure natural at what she does. She also has a super soothing reassuring voice that calms and relaxes you.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my session and look forward to having another one soon. She really is channeling some divine mastery of such a powerful medicine.

Tyger Jackson

I have known Christine for many years, so the prospect of working with her in such a vulnerable area was a bit daunting. I was very relieved to find how at ease I felt with her when we were in session. She approached all of our subject matter without judgement and a lot of tenderness. I felt well held, which allowed me to let go and open up to the mystery of the work. There were moments during our session when my thinking brain started to try and take over, when this happened Christine was able to continue to nudge me out of the thinking brain and into the space where my body could do the work. For me, the most important piece was the recording, and listening to it regularly. I definitely don’t believe our work would have been as successful had I not followed through with that for a minimum of 1 month. The recordings also helped me develop a healthier sleeping pattern because I listened to them at night. 

The big takeaway for me has been that I now feel I have a healthy relationship with sugar not a controlling addictive emotional relationship. I would highly recommend working with Christine. I have already referred other friends to her!

Thank you Christine!

Jenessa Lenore

I visited Christine when I was suffering from severe depression in the winter months. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t want to talk to anyone and I was suicidal. She helped me completely overcome my depression in one month. It was fast and effective and she blessed me with tools that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Christine if you are suffering from depression or any other health concerns. I have been visiting therapists, councilors and psychologists my whole life and the techniques that she used in her sessions are the only ones that have worked for me. Thank you so much Christine, you have changed my life!

-Katelynn Harrok

Working with Qristine was a game changer. I have done lots of self development work and not only did I find the RTTs method of hacking the subconscious such a succinct method to unearth the unconscious script that’s running the show, it also provided a blueprint to live from in a way that I feel and believe. And the results are showing! The most important piece I’d like to share is the method is one aspect (RTT) but the person is even more important. In this case that special person is Qristine. Her way is relaxed, non judgmental, insightful and most importantly I felt her investment in my process as well as her deep care, not just as a professional but as a fellow human being. It’s this aspect that stands out the most to me. YTT is fantastic and the person delivering it is especially fantastic.

Sarah (Embodiment Life Coach)